ComPet Patch 1.7.0

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ComPet Patch 1.7.0

Postby Dav|ComPet » Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:18 pm

- Added "Red Dot" navigation helper which notifies the player of new actions.
- After losing an Arena Battle there will be a pop-up with suggestions how to improve your battle experience
- Added logout option during fights
- Added Diamonds to the UI in Magic Workshop
- Introduced new "Pet Strongbox" which will contain pets.
- Added pets reward for completing Forest chapters
- Added intro slides when you start new game
- Build size has been reduced
- Beasts defeated counter has been removed from account page
- Fixed issue when you didn't receive expected amount of XP in Gym
- Fixed issue when you couldn't login via Google
- Fixed issue when your debuff could stack on the enemy until the end of the fight and have no effect
- Popup notification sent when you have a pet in the Stables which is ready to level up and you are about to battle.
- Now it's free to speed up the building/ability research process as long as it is under 60 seconds
- Overall game loading time has been improved
- Animation speed in battles has been increased
- Tasks in Daily Missions have been removed, only "Win X battles" condition is left
- Tutorial has been improved
- Fog obscures undeveloped parts of the Village and clears as the Village is developed
- Certain UI elements have been removed until you reach the appropriate moment in the tutorial
- Several new tutorials added
- New "Jungle Fever" chapter added: includes 5 new pets!
- Removed 'Common' Pets from the Shop
- New, limited edition pets in the Shop: Phyton

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