Compet Update 1.5.0

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Compet Update 1.5.0

Postby Zulu|ComPet » Wed Sep 06, 2017 2:26 pm

-We have redesigned the new player experience of the game
-Implemented the Strongbox system
-Implemented the Trinket System
-Made various changes to pets stats
-Reworked pet and beast profile
-Changed entry requirements for Arena. You can now use Level 1 pet.
-Various bug fixes.
-Due to the amount of changes and new content we are planning to do a small release next week for final tweaking.

Full list of new features, improvements, and bug fixes can be viewed below:

New features:
- Implemented Daily mission in-game notifications
- Implemented Daily mission push notifications
- Implemented new category in the shop “Strongboxes”
- Implemented new item “Trinket”
- Implemented new item “Trinket shard”
- Implemented new building “Magic workshop”
- Implemented new feature “Crafting”
- Implemented new feature “Trinket power up”
- Implemented new feature “Trinket shards converting”
- Implemented new feature “Destroy trinkets”
- Implemented new feature “Equip/Unequip trinkets on your pet”
- Implemented pop-up showing time left until the end of the season
- Implemented new tutorial
- Implemented AFK in battle feature
- Implemented New beginner tasks

- Added colors to the name of the pets in battle scene depended on pet rarity
- Added SFX for pets: Porlick, Rhinalo, Chibba.
- Change the sorting method for top replays
- Implemented new design of Friends pop-up, changed the flow of inviting, adding new friends
- Requirement for Arena has been removed (You can now fight with level 1 pet)
- Requirement for forest has been added (Level 4 pet required)
- Default screen after a battle is now battle screen instead of pet profile
- Replaced reward in daily missions to strongboxes
- Updated 'Mocking Strike' sound effect
- Updated 'Mind Blast' card revealing visuals
- Changed the parameters of various abilities:
- Overpower: Change durations from 2 to 1 turns
- Bash: Removed a bug when you have had 100% initiative chance while enemy in bash stun
- Mortal Strike changed debuff effect numbers
- Level 1 : 50% (50% before)
- Level 2 : 55% (52% before)
- Level 3 : 60% (54% before)
- Level 4 : 65% (56% before)
- Level 5 : 70% (58% before)
- Lick Wounds: Cooldown increased from 4 to 5
- Duration is 4 turn for all ability levels
- Decreased value of bonus heal on lower levels:
- Level 1 : 30% (50% before)
- Level 2 : 35% (50% before)
- Level 3 : 40% (50% before)
- Level 4 : 45% (50% before)
- Level 5 : 50% (50% before)
- Cure: Increase mana cost from 14 to 16
- Added hint arrows to the pets and ability lists used in daily mission conditions
- Added SFX for Ghubo and Perino pets
- Changed initial account stats (abilities, pets, buildings, resources)
- Pets profile screen has been reworked
- Changed beast profile screen
- Changed max mana/mana regen to double (decimals)
- Removed intro video and changed loading screen image
- Changed icon on skill point distribution button
- Added possibility to change music/sounds volume during battle through battle settings pop-up
- Set initial pet as raid guard for all new players
- Implemented new matchmaking criteria (match only pets with same amount of unlocked ability slots)
- Decreased the basic amount of beast fights to 3
- Increased beast fights regeneration time to 15 minutes each
- Removed bonus from Veterinarian to beast fights regeneration
- New loading screen image when entering Raid/Forest/Arena battles
- Endurance, Mojo, Ferocity of all pets have been increased by 10 (all formulas adjusted appropriately)
- Changed which beasts are in Chapter 1
- Changed which starting pets players can get at start of game.
- Decreased the basic stamina value of all pets from 11 to 4.
- Changed the basic values of health and mojo of players’ pets to 50 and 100
- Changed the formula of calculating the amount of mana restored per turn based on pet’s mojo

Bug fixing:
- Fixed Edgehog model/texture
- Fixed issue when it shows wrong class of pets in replays
- Fixed issue with level of pets in replays
- Fixed issue with disappearing HUD in replays
- Fixed Gym issue when it been showing the wrong amount of hours and experience gained
- Fixed issue when player names in the battle was overlapping ability panel
- Fixed issue when raid info screen displayed wrong data
- Fixed issue while watching replay you could get stuck in replay if changing speed and pausing
- Fixed issue with not showing CD, opponent abilities while watching replay
- Fixed visual issue on battle packs when VFX multiplied infinitely
- Fixed deadly poison issue when it remove stacks if you cast it again
- Fixed several daily missions issues include wrong conditions and bad descriptions
- Fixed bug with building rotation and moving
- Fixed issue where some players’ Guard Tower wasn't being built

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