ComPet Patch 1.5.1

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ComPet Patch 1.5.1

Postby Zulu|ComPet » Wed Sep 20, 2017 10:44 am

Bug fixing:
- Fixed issue where you couldn't see trinkets if you went to magic workshop via "Upgrade Trinket"
- Fixed panic effect on Arena scene
- Loading screen displayed incorrectly if use graphics settings
- Fixed sorting issues with particles on beginner tasks pop-up panel
- Battle cry small fix
- Fixed Server error when trying to spectate friend
- Disabled clicking on achievement notification on strongbox opening screen
- Fixed Wrong texts on loading screens
- Move background image on all forest UI screens to the back
- Fixed ranking points text label position on Leaderboards webpage
- Change background image on home and download web pages
- Fixed issue with beginner tasks disappearing on new accounts if you log in with an old account with all beginner tasks completed

- Village guard pet is set automatically with a pet, which reaches level 6 first
- Display new button in the village allowing you to open unclaimed strongboxes
- The Village guard pet is visible in the village
- Highlight for beginner tasks
- Hint arrows for daily mission are now displayed over the pet image
- Build vault beginner task forwards you to village scene to the spot with vault building
- Added highlights to tutorial elements
- Do not display numbers higher than 100% in battle scene on pop-up with Crit. chance, etc
- Added VFX when claiming reward for beginner task
- Beginner tasks pop-up. Whole blocks are now clickable
- Fix background image when opening daily mission strongbox
- Beginner task. New ability. Forward to library with Ignite ability selected
- Added SFX for crafting, power upping, destroying trinkets, selecting trinket rarity for crafting, converting shards
- Implemented new flow for entering a name on Battle screen
- Make it possible to select for power upping trinket of max level
- Adjusted chat panel position
- Updated light VFX and SFX
- Made mana regen in pet profile decimal form
- Tutorial highlights. Improvement
- During tutorial replace '!' over stables with Arrow
- Opponent's trinkets in the battle
- Add VFX for beginner tasks
- VFX for equipping ability to ability slot

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