ComPet Release Schedule and Prioritisation

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Re: ComPet Release Schedule and Prioritisation

Postby Sluggo » Fri Feb 03, 2017 2:08 am

I envision the compet dev team just another bunch of self absorbed millenials with NO clue about running a business, but plenty clue about how to click the like button on facebook, which is where they probably spend most their time updating their status instead of fixing compet.

I am sure I will probably get another PM complaining about me complaining about MA and probably banned from the forum for it. I bet most of the negative posts from anyone goes away too as they try to pretend the world is just peachy.

The fact that communications is ZERO, unless they want to bitch at one of us for something we said, and that they won't answer even the most mundane of questions that are not accusatory or negative in any manner speaks volumes for the lack of either integrity or again, even the most basic clue how to run a business.

Im done waiting around for this, I am dumping my compet deeds and moving on. If I get what I paid for them back, I'll consider myself lucky. I guess we get to add compet to the growing list of failed MA partners.

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