Ranking System Changes

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Ranking System Changes

Postby Zulu|ComPet » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:00 am

A completely new ranking system for the Premium division will be implemented in mid-May.

The current ranking system is reported to be unfair to high ranking players. The amount of ranking points awarded for a win in the Premium division seem to be disproportionate to the punishment for a loss. This makes it likely that high ranking players stop playing at a certain rank rather than risk losing an undue amount of points. This is the opposite of what we want. Players should be rewarded for staying active in the Arena, battling a lot, and defeating high level pets. The new ranking system will ensure this.

The new season will start in the beginning of next month as usual. However this season will not run for an entire month.
When the new ranking system is implemented in the middle of May, we will start a new season which will run until the end of the month.
For June, the 1-month season period will return.
Important to note is that all Premium divisions players’ ranking points will be set to 1200 when the new ranking system is in place.

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