ComPet Patch 1.4.0 Changelog

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ComPet Patch 1.4.0 Changelog

Postby Zulu|ComPet » Tue May 23, 2017 1:52 pm

New Stuff
- Added new chapter in Forest. Chapter 14: Bird Bastion
- Added new pets: Bluebird, The Atlantic Puffin, Toucan, Eagle + Legendary
- Added Limited Edition Pets: Owl and Flamingo
- Implemented new home screen
- We have implemented daily mission feature for the Arena. Completing the missions will give a reward.
- Implemented option to spectate friends’ battles
- Implemented replays of the top battles in the Arena
- Implemented replays of raids and Arena battles in the fight log
- Added vibration when opponent has been found on arena (for mobile)
- It is now possible to chat with friends during battles
- Added level up visual effects for each rarity for pets

- Implemented new ranking system for premium division players in the Arena
- Beasts in chapters 3, 6, 9, and 10 have been rearranged
- Removed HP regeneration for pets. Now HP is regenerated instantly after each battle
- Veterinarian functionality has been reworked. Now it reduces time to restore raid fights
- Switched guard and raid tutorial appearing order

- Fixed a bug when you reset stats and current XP is reset to 0
- Fixed a bug with drop-down menus that led the game to stuck
- Fixed bug when pets in quest could disappear despite that the quest is in progress
- Fixed empty space in chat above last message
- Fixed Gym UI elements issue
- Fixed issue when you couldn't use HUD after using Contact Us
- Fixed a bug when it says you are out of fight when actually has unlimited beast fights on new account

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