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Re: Deed Statement

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:28 am
by MasterSplinter
Thank you for the Shares/Investments 101 primer... I'm well acquainted with how this works.

But there is a pertinent point that is being overlooked.

"The initial deed payment will be done February the 25th and will then continue on a monthly basis.
The ComPet deed revenues have been accumulated per month since the launch of the app."

Best regards,
Henrik Nel
CEO MindArk

Deed revenues are paid out on a monthly basis and have been accumulated on a monthly basis.
This has been occuring since the launch of the app, ie: approx 12 months.
Buying a deed before the first payout date you receive the deed payout for 12 months, thereafter for 1 month.

Not because the revenue hasnt been collected, not because it hasnt been declared, it is not reinvested, or realised in another form, not for any other reason except the deed ownership has not been tracked.

That is the point. There is no real-world stock/investment situation where this occurs.

No problem with opinions regarding poor investments or associated risk, but facts are facts - and im simply airing them.

Believe it or not, this sort of thing happens pretty frequently with IPO's. The only difference is the IPO's dont tell you when the dividends started to accrue. They dividends are released with a message explaining the fact the dividends have been accruing, but havent been released since the amount was small. Releasing payments right away in the ~1-10pec range would have most likely caused alot of people to cash out of their deeds, thus potentially destroying the game. Same as the "IPO" mentioned before. Showing low returns before you can absorb the sell-off of investors is a game ender.

Either way, MA needs to get their shit together. I honestly dont know how they are allowed to operate the way they do without getting shut down. While that may have worked a decade ago when the virtual universe wasnt a big deal, the times are changing, and im sure the virtual world will become more regulated.

Re: Deed Statement

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:23 pm
by KMax
Slapper wrote:I think this is actually the first time they have stated a certain date and promised to pay out on that date.

No they said same old thing back in Dec 2016 to get payouts first week Jan 2017, it passed they came back in middle of Jan 2017 said will be in Feb 2017 came and passed with report payouts suspended indefinitly with report coming soon after. Report came much later with plans to do lots of goals first, most all are still unachieved btw.

So I am not taking this to serious, I would not be surprised if nothing happens on Feb 25th. MA are masters of procrastination blame.

Re: Deed Statement

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 11:31 am
by RickEngland
KMax wrote:
Slapper wrote:
So I am not taking this to serious, I would not be surprised if nothing happens on Feb 25th. MA are masters of procrastination blame.

The difference this time is the CEO has said it will happen. That's like God saying it's going to happen on 25th Feb 2018. He is the top dude, the man that runs the company. So it's a done deal, and he will know that if his team don't have things in place under the hood to make it happen on the 25th, the egg is on his face. Not good when you just took over the job. This is a measure of his leadership, so I'm sure he will not let us down.



Re: Deed Statement

Posted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 1:11 am
by MasterSplinter
11 days, we shall see