Regarding Deed Payout

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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby McCormick2 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:08 pm

garci wrote:well, there weren't a lot of players for the beginnings
plus deposits were not available for a long time
now we have more players (i'm finding arenas any time of day since some monthes), the future payments will for sure be better

Sure, out of nowhere this dead product will start generating nice sums for us.
Keep dreaming garci, keep dreaming. :)
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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby matthew » Sun Feb 25, 2018 5:25 pm

Ouch. The payout was significantly worse that I expected.

I don't feel too bad because when I signed up to becoming a deed owner I knew the risks.

I am glad that the true market value can now be realised (surely a key aspect of any RCE), even though this will likely wipe millions of peds from the market.

I think there will be a place for compet deeds at a value of 5-10 ped with the current payout. I just hope MA will stick with this and won't give up on it to pursue other things.

The future and value of compet (imo) will come from integrating it with EU rather than from some outside source.
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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby Sinister » Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:28 pm

I was expecting another zero on my ped withdrawal to say the least lol. People are selling off based on emotion today and I even heard of people giving Compet deeds away. Bye bye deed value. At least we have some clarity as to why there was no news on payout amounts instead of the keeping us in the dark approach that drove off many players. Looks like I should have sold all my deeds yesterday, now I get to sit on them for another couple of years while the devs get it together and produce a marketable product so deed prices go back up to something even close to 100 ped. I'm less upset about the payout amounts as I am about the shenanigans and deceit. IMO if you would have released payouts a year ago when posted it would have been less of a blow to the player base when they received 2 pec a month looking at a 12 month payout.

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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby Treb » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:05 am

Regarding the emotional sell-off's/giveaways.. keep in mind.. deed "value" (or stock share price) is like most anything else and can drop or climb suddenly based on environment. Even though share values may decrease dramatically, the vested/liable positions held by each investor will always retain same % weight (slice size of the pie).. these deeds do not just POOF disappear (unless they TT'able.. they aren't, are they? lol). So really, at this point in time, it won't be the investors responsible anymore for life-support and rehabilitation of CP market value.. it will be up to MA alone based on the immediate and near-future (as in 3-6mo) decisions and efforts they make to restore/improve faith of the entire community AND to WIDELY PROMOTE THE GAME. Based on earlier posts in this thread it sounds as if there is at least some loose scaffolding in place for a "real" advertising campaign.. let's hope this project gets underway sooner than later.

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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby RickEngland » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:10 am

Not even going to waste many words.

MA knows it needs decent content, ped forest to win prizes, pet gauntlet run. But know they wont do it...out right refuse to even.

It's clear to me after this payout, MA decided not to include any conversion of gold coin burn into the revenue equations. Gym, pet upgrades etc. All removed.

Well I won't even bother logging in to upgrade my pets anymore then.
It's going to be a complete waste, to spend marketing money on a game in this condition.

Call me when you got more content other than just PVP. Until then bye.

Disgraceful that MA actually measured the expectation of players this low and make those revenue calculations, and thought we'd accept it. Am I surprised by that? well yeah I am. It could've been a moving target, add revenue for things, change it later....but no. After 4 years lets just hit them hard. ok got the message.

See ya

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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby mastermesh » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:55 am

Are compet deeds under same audit process as aud and cld?

Also, what are the plans for the future?

My suggestion:
mastermesh wrote:Make game in to a cryptocurrency mining app... make turning pets in get u deep token in exchange, etc. Integrate with e.u. webshop more. Allow pet transfer in and out of e.u., etc.

Also a lot of other things possible to do...
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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby mastermesh » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:52 am

One thing that I think that you could do, is have more uses for the actual deed in Entropia Universe... One idea I came up with tonight would be that each stable in EU would have an instance that only compet deed owners can enter, which would contain an npc that will sell nutrio at TT value. This type of thing could be one small way to 'pay back' those that funded your game's development in a major way and won't be recouping their money for about 100 years at the current rate if roi doesn't improve in some way somehow.... could put several other things in this instance as well, making it similar to the rocktropia ganja instance thing, but with focus being on compet or taming type stuff... perhaps a terminal to transfer pets in to compet from entropia in there and vice versa, a special Trade terminal or npc to sell low end whips, brushes, etc. Some npc(s) in there that give out taming missions, similar to the iron missions, but that only tamers can do by successfully taming thing sin game... and make it only accessible in this special stable instance or whatnot, so the rewards for this special mission are reserved only for compet deed holders, similar to the way Rocktropia has special missions and locations for special idol holders, toulan has special pets that can only be reached by doing certain missions, etc.

Hell, maybe even make it so that the ownership of the compet deed allows you access to those special places already in game... it could be used as an alternative way of gaining access to the sacred kong spawn location, etc. Perhaps a seperate instance key could be purchased that lets you enter an insstance for each pet type in game, including the rare versions... (ok that may be going a bit too far as it'd piss off planet partners?)

Other special uses or priveleges to deed holders both in Entropia and in the compet game itself could probably be thought up pretty easy...

spawn any pet on any planet regardless of the level requirements to 'export'

a way to transfer compet collected pets in to Entropia as either animal essence or nutrio or something similar (at least til you can get ped to transfer and the ped thing works on all versions of the game)

I'm sure the community can come up with some other ideas for future compensation type stuff...
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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby Igi » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:03 am

I expect soon the transfer of pets between the 2 games to be finally finished. And if you can train your pet for free in Compet game but charge to transfer between the 2 games like 7 peds. Also guess they will release some more useful skills on high level pets like life steal or regeneration devine intervention maybe attack speed eaven maybe healing or mining chance for rare finds and etc. Also some rare pets that can be found only in PVE fights in Compet game.This will surely turn the things around.
So chill out there is still hope :)
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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby Ryan5795 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 8:20 am

okay so I am going to ask nicely. Seeing as I am a deed holder and accordingly: as far as entropia and how investments work this makes me part owner in compets. This said I would love to see the accounting offices work on how they figured that each deed should only get .32 ped. What Monies have come into the accounts, how many people are playing, how much they are spending, what was the actual total amount of compet deeds issued. I realy would like to know what realy is going on not just in the accounting office but what ideas are floating around what work needs to be done more information as a share holder should have not what a gamer get from playing a game.
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Re: Regarding Deed Payout

Postby KMax » Mon Feb 26, 2018 6:51 pm

First I was not even expecting them to follow through, good that they finally did something that should have been done over a year ago and we finally get some transparency into the value of these deeds.

About these ideas:
The one about deed holders able to buy nutrio for TT price, BAD idea. Here is the reason, new players need something to do that has decent markup one is fruit walking. Sweat is pretty much dead and what is left of the pet market in EU is already struggling and this one piece would destroy a balancing act being done if a pet is worth training or not based on fruit availability and time spent looking for it in game. These deeds will go down big time now that we know their true value and that it will take generation of players or two before they go up again, everyone would buy a cheap deed to just get TT nutrio and soon that one small market for noobs spending time walking would be destroyed as well then the game truely is a depo to play game, did I mention sweat is dead and prolly never make a comeback.

This idea of transfering pets for skilling in compet game although good idea and part of the system originally proposed could cause even more instability in the pet market in EU. There would have to be a hell of alot higher transfer tax then 7 ped to transfer pets to cover the cost of skilling in EU vs Skilling in compet to balance the games out. If they mess with that to much which they already did by super abundance of loot pills making loot pets almost twice as expensive to run then pills, the new addition to speed bonus clothes in token store will eventually destroy the ruby and euduracell bunny need etc. They keep messing with this balance as they do everything becomes tt food.

Once everything is TT food and to do anything in either game requires constant deposits the game will meet its final end period. No one is going to play and RCE without the prospect to make some money and if they know going in it costs money just to TT stuff back to the game everyone realizes then there is not profitability for the ones that work to try to make money hence it is not RCE anymore it is just depos to MA until the game ends.

I see you all want to play for free and sell for profits but that's not how the real world or how RCE works sorry guys. There will be winners and losers IRL or RCE you just have to work to be on the winner side not just play and win that just won't happen, no matter what MA is the winner they make money if we win or lose anything. MA is the house always racking never giving an ounce back besides the pittly slow progressive changes.

Just side note I pretty much an on the losers side here, I keep trying but seem to never succeed but I do know how the real world and RCE should work, I do not expect giveaways like you all seem to keep suggesting.

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