About Trinkets

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About Trinkets

Postby miles » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:20 am

Trinket Info
Endurance, Ferocity, Mojo, and Health.

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic

Endurance Series Names
Endurance Ring, Durable Earrings, Caveman Necklace, Jungle Relic (ring)

Ferocity Series Names
Ferocity Ring, Furious Earrings, Rage Necklace, Bear’s Fear (ring)

Mojo Series Names
Mojo Ring, Mind Earrings, Soul Necklace, Ancestor’s Gift (ring)

Health Series Names
Health Ring, Olaf Earrings, King’s Necklace, Tauren’s Finger (ring)

When trinkets are created or crafted, the Name comes from the Common buff. For Uncommon trinkets and higher, the additional buffs are assigned randomly, as well as the starting level. The highest starting level assigned to a buff (or the last buff?), sets the initial level of the trinket. (It does not create items with potentially higher end stats, they just start off at a higher level.)

Trinkets cost 10 shards of their level to craft, and when trinkets are destroyed they return 5 shards. Some combos are pretty crappy and should be destroyed.

Max value of the Common buff is 5%:
(Endurance, Ferocity, Mojo, Health)

Max value of the Uncommon buff is varies by type:
(Stamina: +3, Crit Damage: 15%. Restore Mana: 25%, Regeneration: 12.5%)

Max value of the Rare buff varies by type:
(Initiative: 5%, Max Mana: +5)

Max value of the Epic buff varies by type:
(Stamina Penetration: 25%, Increased Damage: 10%, Buff Damage: 15%, Life Steal: 10%)

Peace, Miles
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby Freyja|ComPet » Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:17 am

Cool, thanks for sharing
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby miles » Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:58 pm

Here is a chart with the cost in diamonds and the chance of success when leveling up trinkets:

Code: Select all

Trinket         Common             Uncommon             Rare              Epic   
Up to:   Diamonds   Chance   Diamonds   Chance   Diamonds   Chance   Diamonds   Chance
Level 2   1          100%           1 x2    100%     1 x3     100%     1 x4     100%
Level 3   1          98%            1 x2    96%      1 x3     95%      1 x4     94%
Level 4   1          95%            1 x2    93%      1 x3     90%      2 x4     88%
Level 5   1          93%            1 x2    89%      1 x3     85%      2 x4     81%
Level 6   1          90%            1 x2    85%      2 x3     80%      2 x4     75%
Level 7   1          88%            2 x2    81%      2 x3     75%      2 x4     69%
Level 8   1          85%            2 x2    78%      2 x3     70%      3 x4     63%
Level 9   1          83%            2 x2    74%      3 x3     65%      3 x4     56%
Level10   1          80%            2 x2    70%      3 x3     60%      3 x4     50%

Peace, Miles
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby miles » Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:26 pm

Common Buffs
Endurance, Ferocity, Mojo or Health stats are boosted up to 5%

Uncommon Buffs
Stamina can be increased by up to 3 rounds. Stamina increases in whole turns (of course), but 2.4 on one trinket and 2.6 on another will add 5 turns.

Crit Damage increases the amount of damage dealt by critical hits by up to 15%

Restore Mana increases the chance to earn 1 mana point at the start of each turn by up to 25%

Regeneration increases the chance to restore 12.5% of your HP by up to 5%

Rare Buffs
Maximum Mana is increased by up to 5 points.

Initiative is boosted by up to 5%;

Epic Buffs
Stamina Penetration increases the strength of the Stamina Penalty suffered by your opponent by up to 25%. (Visually, it turns Black Rain into Black Swirls.)

Increased Damage increases the amount of direct damage dealt by your attacks by up to 10%.

Buff Damage adds a second wave of damage equal to 15% of direct damage when you have an active buff on your pet, and it is multiplied by the number of active buffs currently on your pet - including buffs created by the current attack.

Life Steal increases the chance of to restore 100% of damage you deal out at the end of the round by 10%.

Of course the compounding factors of multiple trinkets makes it possible to get pretty extreme. The exact nature of, and limits on, compound buffs is not entirely clear yet, so more to come....

Peace, Miles (aka Stanley)
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby Svarog » Tue Oct 10, 2017 1:07 am

When I'm trying to unequip a trinket, it says "In order to unequip [trinket name] level 1 from pet, you need to pay a specific amount of gold". But the trinket is 10 level. Does it mean that a trinket loses all levels on unequiping?

Sorry if it was explained somewhere already, I haven't found.
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby Dithart|ComPet » Tue Oct 10, 2017 7:47 am

Hello, Svarog!
The trinket will not loose any levels, this seems to be a wording mistake. Will fix that, thanks! )
ComPet Game Development Team.
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby miles » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:36 am

Trinket Balance in Battles:

Matching Idea:

Include Trinket Total (total value of buffs)

1 point for each buff x level of trinket = max of 40 per trinket
Add all trinket scores together to get trinket total.

No Trinkets = 0
1 Common Level 1 = 1
1 Common Level 10 = 10
1 Uncommon Level 1 = 2
1 Uncommon Level 10 = 20
1 Rare Level 1 = 3
1 Rare Level 10 = 30
1 Epic Level 1 = 4
1 Epic Level 10 - 40

When matching, a trinket total differential of 40 bumps pet up/down one level, and over 80 bumps pet 2 levels, etc.. Whatever the specific's, make it interesting. I don't like being on either end of blow out match-ups - I rather lose a good fight than win a bad one. If fully loaded, low-level pets are going to be a thing, make them battle each other, or higher level, lower buffed pets.

Peace, Miles
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby Oleg » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:16 pm

If you match fights based on the trinkets used, there will be no point in using trinkets at all.
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby Mayhem » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:31 pm

Oleg wrote:If you match fights based on the trinkets used, there will be no point in using trinkets at all.

i agree but...

4x mytic rings vs 0 rings is no combat. So it has to be balanced somewhat. 4xmytic rings can meet 4x epic rings.
it needs some kind of ladder system but in favour of rings.
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Re: About Trinkets

Postby miles » Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:56 pm

Oleg wrote:If you match fights based on the trinkets used, there will be no point in using trinkets at all.

True, but I didn't think that would be the full extent of the changes or to matching, just as a concept on how to shift the levels of pet match-ups based on trinket differential to generate a higher percentage of competitive matches, which is the point. I'd rather go this route than restrict trinkets on low-level pets across the board.

Trinkets could elevate the value of a fight, so two maxed pets fighting it out is worth much more than beating up on puppies, and new players and pet levelers can have entertaining, low-value fights, but will need to upgrade to really move up the rankings, etc.

Right now, I can't put up any low level pets with out getting endless, hopeless (maybe win with a disconnect) match-ups against fully maxed pets - so it's max out or give away free points and gold. There needs to be a solution to the matching problems, so that the first thing a player learns in the arena is not "I need to max out from the beginning", and quit in disgust.

We should be able to put up a slate of pets, at various levels, classes, and trinkets - and end up in a variety of interesting match ups. Devs understand this problem, and we're trying to help. Thank you for your input, pushing the thoughts and ideas along.

I would like trinkets to be optional from a fun perspective, while required for serious competition. In the middle should be room for casual players to have fun, and keep the player-pool high, without needing to deposit massively for top-level trinkets.

Peace, Miles

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