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Major idea for helping increase revenue, etc.

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 4:11 am
by mastermesh
Talk to Mindark. Get the transfer of pets both Entropia Universe and back out system worked out ASAP... It's important that pets can be transferred both ways, preferably without some major fee involved...

Next, get them to create some 'uber' creatures with more beneficial benefits than some created previously in Entropia... (don't tell me they don't do that since they like to create uber critters that go as a bit of advertising for events in Entropia... In EU I bought both an Oratan Axe, and Boxer pet, both of which were event prizes, paying way too much in markup in the process probably, lol... recently they did something similar with Monria's St. Patty's day event and the new speed mining buff pet) (Don't forget to give em plenty of special attributes or buffs in compet game too if they exist in compet instead of being in Entropia)

Now, make it so that the ONLY WAY TO GET THESE NEW CREATURES is as major rewards for some major accomplishment in Compets Game... so you'd have to mine for the pets in Compet Game essentially by playing the hell out of the game so that you can then transfer it in to Entropia...

If 'balancing' becomes an issue, make it a soul bound item in Entropia Universe, similar to the bunch of other nice stuff they've made soul bound in recent years such as the refurbished heart on Cyrene, the Viceroy Armor on Arkadia, etc. Don't make ALL the pets that can transfer soul bound though since you want to encourage people in this 'virtual economy' to trade... also make the soul bound creatures able to be transferred from compets to entropia and vice versa... that way they have a double use, and will be something folks really want, and can use in both games.

Give out some of the best pets that can do this type of thing to top 100 in Arena Seasons... as special 'rares' in forest battles, etc. Make enough that this will work on that there's different levels of the pets, but each with something that can only be obtained from compets, not just tamed up in Entropia itself... make it buff up some special skill or thing in Entropia that none of the other pets over there do yet.... The mining buff from Monria's recent events should act as a guide in figuring out what area to focus on...With arena don't just do the top 10, but make it like in Entropia... so like there's some creature type that does special buff, but 'less rare' version goes to top 100, more rare verson goes to top 50, even more rare version goes to top 20, rarest to to top 10 and unique to top arena player or something, assuming you do it arena rewards... so it all doesn't all go to one 'winner' but top most winner will get 'best' prize, etc. Don't just do it with arena stuff though... should be similar type of things in higher level rare creatures that show up in forest battles, etc. Could be one type of buff in arena and another in forest, etc.

Announce the hell out of this thing to the community in EU as well as in various social media outside of EU too... Maybe even do something special like a series of seasons throughout a year where it all tallys up to allow the top, top players access to best rewards (but actually make sure the rewards exist and can be handed out before the event starts so you don't run in to trouble like Arkadia did where they had Landplots as goldrush event prizes, and then since the landplots weren't actually created yet, still haven't handed em out yet over a year later...)

DO IT SOON. Give folks a reason to play the hell out of this game as much as possible, and to want to play it in order to transfer stuff to Entropia and vice versa.

Implement the 'promised affiliate program' at the same time you do all of this... in order to help with the advertising a bit simultaneously.
mastermesh wrote:
Deed holders will receive 30% of the gross ComPet revenue. In addition, the ComPet affiliate program will enable users to recruit their friends and earn a 15% share of their recruited users’ activity. The remaining 70% (or 55% in the case of an affiliate-referred user) of revenue will go toward marketing, operation and support for the ComPet App. In conjunction with MindArk’s accountants, Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC), the ComPet App accounts will be available for inspection and published on the Entropia Universe website.

If you need inspiration, read monria forums about the activities at last St. Patty's day... Some bug/glitch, etc. had players doing crazy things that required many, many hours of taming a pet in there just to get that pet before anyone else. Look at the prices folks paid for that pet after it was tamed in EU... It's all over the forms from a while back, and should be easy to find (I'm pretty sure Mindark's read at least a couple of the threads) Folks that crazy about getting pets in EU are probably going to be willing to deposit in to compets if there's similar rewards that make it worth the effort and time...

Along a similar line, get Mindark to allow pets in auction sales in game over there... They have a whole pets section in auction and only use for it currently is pet name tags... There was a vu a while ago where a 'glitch' allowed pets from a certain planet to be auctioned, but that bug was fixed... unfix that bug and make pets tradeable easier in game over there. As someone that plans to buy a shopkeeper for my apartments to trade pets some day, I know I'm shooting myself in the foot with this request since it'll standardize the market value for pets in EU, probably causing them to be lower than they should due to market manipulators, etc., but currently a lot of pets that get tamed don't get sold since selling them in p2p or shops in EU is really too damn hard... Also doesn't help that so many pets have to be level 7 before they can be 'exported.' Don't stick with that silly rule in pets that can be transferred from compets to EU and back unless you have to do it for some silly reason? Getting to level 7 in compets is substantially easier than in entropia imho. If you do a level requirement type thing for the transfer, make darn sure that the levels stay put along with no loss of trinkets, etc. in both games when the transfers are done... maybe lower trinket removal costs in compets if pet has to be de-trinketed prior to transfer in to EU.

Also, make the list of all buffs available on the critter in both games visible on item info type screens in both EU and in compets, so you can see what benefit there is to the pets in both games before the transfer to other game is done... don't make it a blind thing... Right now item info screens in entropia are set up in a way on pets that folks that don't own the pet cannot see what buffs are on the pet unless someone does a screen print... start by fixing that from the Mindark side in EU perhaps as a preliminary step in preparing the system for the day when the transfer of pets can happen... also add new item info stats in entropia about the stats and buffs the pets would have if imported in to compets so the whole enchilada is ready at go time... work on it from compet angle as well, showing what stats the pets in compets would have if in Entropia after transfer goes live, etc. Give us something to whet our appetite before the transfers can actually happen, and then live up to that by making it really live and able to happen shortly thereafter