weird season gift idea...

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weird season gift idea...

Postby mastermesh » Sun May 06, 2018 5:08 am

I really kind of have grown to like the 'seasonal background' stuff in compet forum... the Easter decor is nice. What would be interesting, as we get to the point where pets can be traded in to Entropia Universe and vice versa, if some stuff like that background stuff be created as actual assets in Entropia Universe you can 'win' in compets and then trade it in to entropia universe.... so pets wouldn't be the only thing you can transfer over there...

I currently am working on some holiday themed apartments in Entropia. I have one apartment that will be dedicated to Halloween and another to Xmas... There's usually not 'too many' gifts that come from seasonal freebies in Entropia... but there's a few from strong boxes etc.

increasing those 'freebies' by adding in seasonal stuff from compets that you can transfer in to entropia too would be swell and interesting idea... Don't think too many 'easter' themed gifts historically have existed in Entropia, but with all the background decor in compets, there seems to be some interesting design idea the compet team has that would make interesting ideas for furnishings in Entropia... talk to Mindark about it. Once the stuff is available make it show up as winnings in compets if you log in on certain days or whatnot... then do it so that this type of thing exists for every stinking holiday in the year... give people a reason to log in to compets more often. :)

The balloon tower of easter stuff would be a swell 3d asset in Entropia you could work on creating to transfer over next Easter. ;) Eggs of different colors could be assets too... lots of different themes and ideas. You got a creative team behind compets, let them do their creative thing and expand our shared virtual universe.
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Re: weird season gift idea...

Postby z1m0nz000r » Sun May 06, 2018 5:59 am

Sounds good. Doubt the compet administrators will listen though since they haven't been online for weeks...
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Re: weird season gift idea...

Postby Treb » Mon May 07, 2018 2:38 am

Well you gotta understand.. they get their Spring Break later than most people and it's quite a drive from the ComPet campus to Panama City Beach, FLA :>

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