suggestion-mythic shard transfer in to Entropia...

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suggestion-mythic shard transfer in to Entropia...

Postby mastermesh » Thu May 10, 2018 10:56 am

originally posted an idea over at pcf ... ost3645058

in thinking on if such a system could actually be implemented, it'd need to be something 'rare' in compet, and I can't think of anything 'more rare' than mythic shards...

so idea would be, instead of just using mythic shards to create items in compets, they could be transferred over to Entropia to be used to add buffs to items in Entropia Universe. It would take a bit of work on Mindark's side of things both in Entropia and in Compets to make it happen, but I think ultimately, it'd be a cool use of these things..

Another alternative would be to allow trinkets to convert over as well as pets themselves so trinket and pet both transfer from game to game with all buffs intact and buff equivalent being added... so extra health buff in trinket becomes extra health buff in entropia avatar etc unless u make pets actual hunting partners that kill mob in entropia

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