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Postby Catiana » Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:39 pm

I would like to suggest Arena battles for ped battle packs, using the time ...

Top of the hour, for 1, 100 & 1000 ped, (ex. 12:00pm)
5 min.=5peds (ex. 12:05)
10 min.=10peds (ex. 12:10)
15 min.=15peds (ex. 12:15)
25 min.=25peds (ex. 12:25)
50 min.=50peds (ex. 12:50)

Maybe this can help until they implement changes in the arena battles.
Plus I want to use some of my hard earned peds in battle. :D

Of course there would be issues about the pet levels, but try maybe 3 different pets at different levels?
This is so

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