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Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:20 am
by RickEngland
ok I admit it, done all my work, I'm ultra efficient. What to do now.... I kind of miss Princess post updates, even if she ruled the forum with a iron

Should we talk about the upcoming trinkets? Who's excited?

I've not got the pic available from the last email update, although MA did provide a visual glimpse of what's coming. Looks like they will be sections of trinkets that we need to collect to probably form a working trinket.

Or maybe they're mix and match or working trinket sections that form into a whole maxed unit, or maybe we need to find all the parts of a particular type to form a whole.

I would also assume that each box we open should contain a part trinket, we don't want any of that useless consumable rubbish in our game...smiles.

It would be nice if somehow there's some visuals to these trinkets. The opponent pet loads; you look at it and go "damn it"'s wearing 4 purple hearts around it's neck.....I'm in

We know it's coming soon folks, and who knows; I'd imagine MA might even throw some more levels at us at the same time.