Season reward September.

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Season reward September.

Postby Droops » Mon Oct 02, 2017 6:51 pm

Merlin wrote:Seems we discuss this topic every season, there is a season reward and there is a reward pool, you are only guranteed the seasonreward at the end of a season the reward pool is a chance you have on every arena fight you perform that if you get lucky you may get a payout from it.
At the end of each season every player gets his season reward and gets demoted by one rank.

To not skip september ;) I also assumed end season reward are Diamonds, Peds, Gold left from reward pool since these drop (luck ?) based several times in a season.
So end season there is still Gold left and taken into next season. how is this logical.
Payout the gold thats left to season winner and start building a new pool in the new season.


Indeed its only the diamonds, 40 this season Emperor division and those (luck) based Gold Rewards.

If there are no Peds involved at all why not REMOVE that from te reward pool discription ?
Did read some old posts concerning this including the ones from Dev not all so could have missed something.

Ok had to do my homework :mrgreen: however this slightly raises the question from my perspective whats the point of putting a lot of effort (time) into Compet trying to be a top player.
The rewards (without Ped) are a joke compared to what a player has to put in.

I dont depo (did my share in Eu ;) ) so the past months put in a lot of effort to lvl my Pets :

Lvl28 *
Lvl27 *
Lvl27 *
Lvl26 *
Lvl25 *
Lvl25 *
Lvl16 *
Lvl16 *
Lvl16 *
and the rest :shock:
* All ready to level up.

Level my buildings.

Magic Workshop lvl1
Guard Tower lvl5
Gym lvl9
Veterinarian lvl9
Library lvl10 (12 abilities still need upgrade)
Mines (all) lvl10
Stables lvl11
Vault lvl11
Residence lvl11

Total current amount of Gold needed to lvl up my Pets and Buildings ................ 44915976

Lets make one thing clear i dont give a crap about those peds it would be nice though if ur winning something and slightly trying to substain top for a while one is able to keep investing (lvling) in his position > pets and buildings.
What the fu can i do with 40 Diamonds for 23 days hard work lol.
I'm not even lvl30 yet but damn when we go above these levels this is not substanable without heavy depoing.

If this is the road to go ok so be it its not the right road though imho if you MA, Dev Team wanna attract and KEEP players/customers.
Focus on the many not the few.

End of season btw we basicly are not able to play.
In this case it was on a sunday evening season ended so untill monday not able to do auto, arena battles resulting in very low activity people not spending and loosing a lot of hours for the daily mission.
Why ? all i can figure is u need to check something, manual perhaps in any case automate this imo so end season gets reset immediate and people can log in and actually play the game.
Logs can be checked afterwards and lock account or whatever if needed.

Diversity in Divisions concerning reward pool, season reward, ranking points etc in current state absolutly needs to be looked into imo its totally not into perspective.
For example think i'm the first who went way over 10k points then a throwback to 3250 is slightly out of balance i think.

Never to old to learn ;)


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Re: Season reward September.

Postby Dithart|ComPet » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:14 am

Hello, Droops!
Congratulations on winning this season!

- Season rewards are being reworked right now, and they will be changed next patch. They will be much better than 40 diamonds that are right now :)
- That the new season didn't start right away after the previous one - it was a bug that we didn't notice right away. Apologies for that.
- Loosing 10k points in rating might be a bit too much, we will look into reworking this system.
- PEDs and gold reward pool are luck-based with a chance of winning at the end of each fight.
If you bet gold - you win gold.
If you bet PED - you win PED.

Thanks for your feedback! It helps to make the game better!
ComPet Game Development Team.

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