summary after 2 weeks of playing

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summary after 2 weeks of playing

Postby z1m0nz000r » Tue Mar 20, 2018 10:01 pm

I have now played this game for about two weeks now, I've deposited around 600 peds into the game for strongboxes, pets, completing buildingupgrades, trinklet-upgrades etc etc and here is what my conclusion is so far..

I am fifth on the leaderboard as 'Eric' and I haven't really battled much at all..
It sucks that I'm this high up even though I haven't really grinded.. This just means that there hardly are any active players at all.. My estimation would be that there are roughly 100 players that login daily, check out their pets, do the daily missions, upgrading the pets in the gym and their village. And it's such a shame that there aren't more players around..

Fix more daily missions, fix more side-missions with a twist with peds/diamonds and fix more temporary pets in the petshop, let's say now for easter coming up. But everything boils down to MARKETING!
Fix more players and the real rock'n roll show will commence!

To me, this is a pokemon game and I truly think the game itself has potential but from what I understand MindArk pulled in 2 million dollars in so called 'compet deeds' and they really should've done a better job.
MindArk has responsability to the deed-holders and must pull a serious effort into dragging people to download the game and actually play it. Money MUST be put into marketing otherwise this will remain a dead old western-town..

There should be more daily missions, there must be some compensation for playing the game on a daily basis.

Maybe there are 20 people active in this forum from what I've seen and those are still hanging on to shreds..

We need players people!! We need to see a huge change from here on forth because if we don't this game will be shut down completely come summer time...

It's nice to login, see your pets wandering the village, do some missions, do some fighting, do some upgrades etc. I like it. It gives me a good feeling. I enjoy logging in a few times a day, chatting with some players, trying to exchange ideas of how to make this game better etc. But the compet-developers must pull their weight into this. It feels like they have gone into hibernation.

I appreciate the support, they answer my emails fast and here in the forum the compet-administrators also respond fairly quickly. This is a place for brainstorming, a lot of people here have good ideas of what to do in the near foreseen future but you guys must listen!

Just set a small amount a side and try to recruit players!!! That's step 1! After that listen to us players what we want so we together can make this game great!

I wanna see people being competative in the leaderboard, I wanna see nice ped-prices to the winners, I wanna see people fight each other with PEDS, I wanna fight REAL PEOPLE with in-game chat facility so you can taunt each other instead of these stupid ghost-accounts..

Mark my words, this game HAS potential, we just need PLAYERS, after that good things will come to those who wait! I'm sure of it!

Setup a nice marketing-campaign and I'll do my fair share of being active here in the forum, in the game, talking to other gaming-pals of mine to come join us here so it'll be a real community again.

Please don't stay on the same path because what I previously stated, it's a frickin ghost town!

Stay blessed, peace.

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Re: summary after 2 weeks of playing

Postby Dithart|ComPet » Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:28 am

Hey, Eric! Thanks for the supportive words! I'd like to say that posts here on forum with ideas, suggestions etc. do not stay unnoticed, and I personally deliver most of ideas either to the dev team, to MindArk (Princess and Dav), or to game designer. Even if there's a "copy-pasted official answer" which is basically "thanks for the idea, we appreciate it" - it is still written down and discussed later on. And, btw, they are not copy-pasted :) Moreover, we are not obliged by working contract to be here on forums, this is our own initiative - as we are genuinely interested in users feedback.

And don't worry - we all understand that if game succeeds - everybody is a winner: dev team, MA, investors. We are doing what we can to make this happen. This just isn't a matter of one day, one mechanic or one decision.
ComPet Game Development Team.
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Re: summary after 2 weeks of playing

Postby Treb » Thu Mar 22, 2018 8:44 am

Dithart.. you guys REALLY need to hook ole' Treb up with some hardcore work LOL ;> Love the extra effort most of your team are putting in to "righting the ship".. I was part of such a team many years ago but sadly life events led me down a dark alley near dire straits and I'm just now getting my head right again (though many would question this) lol! I just hope God keeps throwing out that rope at that last possible moment and that one of my 100+ resumes/applications so far this month will at least offer me an initial interview soon..

..otherwise, before long, I might be playing Compet on a hacked, pawn shop purchased, cracked screen, 1st generation Android flip-phone from the comforts of a cozy newspaper futon in my new cardboard living room.

*sigh* Well at least one bright side of it is.. I'll likely be in a more metropolitan area, so good chance I will have occasional FREE WIFI!! YAY!! ;>

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