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Customer Service Information

Postby Kim|ComPet » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:15 pm

If you would like to contact customer service regarding an issue(bug or glitch) specific to your account, the best way for you to do is by the “Send logs” option in-game.
(Settings → Help & support → Send logs)

The other alternative is if you sign in to your account from our website and submit a case.
( → Sign in to the "My Account" section → Contact support)

In the event you are having issues to sign in, there is an option to get in contact with our support department from our website without you having to do so. We would like you to include your account name and email if possible to speed up the process.
( → Contact Us)

If you have any questions regarding the game there is an option for this in-game aswell.
(Settings → Help & support → Contact us)

Inquiries to customer support should not be made through the forum, this applies to both public posts and private messages.

This forum section is intended for general feedback regarding the game as well as discussions regarding bugs that could benefit from the input of the rest of the community.
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