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Free epic agressive pet :P

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 4:30 pm
by sponge_bob
I can't keep tongue in my head anymore. So what's happened. I wanted to get balanced pet and, of course, went to the forest to tame one.
That's cute one, isn't it?
Look what i got
Well, i cant complain about that, epic agressive and stuff but it is not what i wanted, so i went for another balance one. I find this one pretty nice as well, so i tried to tame him
Eventually it tamed as this
You can argue, that i tamed another one, that is actually agressive, but, first of all, i'm pretty confident, that i was trying for exactly this one, and another has different rarity

What i want to get with this feedback? I really want pets to be what they are supposed to be.
Thanks for your attention.
P.S. Can you advice me some cute balance pets? ;)