[WAT] Overpower

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[WAT] Overpower

Postby aush » Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:59 am

I assume the person who made this decision:

- Overpower: Change durations from 2 to 1 turns

doesn't actually play the game. Because this mistake is expected from a new player, since Bash and Overpower are worded in a very confusing way, but actually do (did) exactly the same thing. In it's original state Overpower was already borderline playable, but now it just makes ZERO sence. It is:
1) Very conditional
2) Very expensive in terms of mana/damage output
3) Has a chance to fail miserably (resist)

There is no way someone actually took a look at the data and saw "yeah, Overpower seems too good and needs to be nerfed". My guess is they never tried to play with it, took a look at the (very confusing) text description and decided that it works differently from Bash (it was not) and "fixed it" (sent it to the oblivion).

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