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Re: Feedback from a new player

Postby Freyja|ComPet » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:10 am

RickEngland wrote:Let me try and give a good analogy of Compet right now.

It's like a new supermarket has just moved into your town, it looks really nice from the outside. Lots of lovely lights and artwork.

You enter the store, expecting to see 100's of different items on the shelves (i.e loads of exciting choice).

Now the manager of the store he had a really good think about that and said, lets stock EVERY shelf in the shop with spicy herbs, (i.e PVP).

The customers all wrote to the manager of the store and said your shop looks lovely, but you only sell spicy herbs, which only a few customers want.... now what if you sold some staple foods like bread milk and sugar, even beer maybe? You'd get more interest and sales (i.e other things to do, like another forest to fight for peds).

But the store manager "no", we've listened to you all, and we're pushing on with the spicy herbs.

The shop still struggles to sell hardly any spicy herbs, they even changed the formula of the herbs and packaging loads of times. But still only a few people bought them.

The shop manager then had a cunning plan. He said right..this is the solution. We're going sell extra strong spice sachets to add to your spicy herbs (i.e. trinkets). It's going to rock, the more spicy you make it, the more players will want it (i.e. PVP...reduced to even less customers unless you buy the extra sachets).

Now....the people that bought into this grand idea, were only ever shown the picture of the outside of the shop that looked grand and amazing. But they struggle to understand wtf the store manager is doing.

However news is on the horizon on a young quite talented (I'm told) new CEO at Mindark. He might decide to put more things on the shelves to buy.

Happy New Years ...big smile


Haha, It's not a real answer, I just want to tell this is an epic and super funny wrote message :D
But at the same time very constructive!
Don't worry be happy drink pepsi be sexy!

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