combine the mines...

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combine the mines...

Postby mastermesh » Fri Mar 23, 2018 4:13 am

Make one icon to collect all the gold from all of the mines at once...

similar other 'quick actions' might be useful too in consolidating things to make the game more fun?

retrain all - would allow all pets in the gym the have completed training to go back in for another round in the gym with automatically increasing the level if level up is only gold cost, etc. Could do same for quests, etc.

I love the auto battle options, and kind of wish it was back in the forest, etc. as it was in the early beta days... I understand why it was changed, but makes the game progress much slower without that option.

As you progress in the game it becomes extremely 'slow' to do much since you are constantly waiting for more gold to show up before you can upgrade buildings, etc. I understand that you want to push people in to depositing more but at the moment it's too darn slow to do much of anything other than a few minutes of this or that daily... more 'fun' things that are free to do should be introduced in to the game...

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