Teams, Team Goals, etc.

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Teams, Team Goals, etc.

Postby mastermesh » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:25 am

In the ancient days I used to play Marvels Avenger Alliance. That game was very similar to this one in some ways... and I honestly think you guys missed the boat on getting a bunch of new players when that game died by not advertising heavily to their market... but anyways, back to the reason I'm posting. That game had several things in it that is not in this game that could possibly get added to help make this game 'more fun' and 'less boring.'

Special Ops in that game worked similar to Arena daily missions in here... but there were more that were like week long type quests that you had to work your way through to get... sort of similar to one time forest levels that you'd get rewarded for greatly if you completed it in the limited amount of time it existed in game... With the holiday themes and things in here, and Mindark's focus on holiday stuff like Mayhems in Entropia, I could easily see something like that happening here for each holiday of the calander year... A 'forest' type of Level where you battle Xmas themed critters, Halloween themed critters, Valentines Day critters, St. Patrick day critters, etc. Make it so there's a new holiday type thing every 2 months or so with like 3 weeks in between when these special things come open. (God, I miss the old halloween stuff from MAA that was based on Ghost rider, special Halloween weapons that did massive damage, etc.... ) Could do a lot of holiday themed trinkets as rewards...

Teams and 'boss fights'. Not much in the wikipedia entry linked to above, but I remember that MMA had epic boss fights that required team work. You could create a team of friends (could work by adding new features to the friends list in here, etc.), and the whole team could get to work together through a bunch of battles to whittle down an epic boss, with each member of the team that defeated the boss getting some great rewards... The boss was like a super uber creature that had thousands and thousands of hit points... You could not take it down in one battle... it's health would be remembered by the system, so like one guy would do 200 points of damage in first go, next guy 500, and so on, and slowly over the course of a day or two the epic boss would be defeated... You could make it so that if you added something like this it could be some huge critter like Dragons, and other mythical creatures that make the hardest stuff in the forest's highest levels look like field mice. It could be 'something to do' when the arena battles aren't available in between seasons, etc.

That game also had special rewards that got worked in to it's facebook and other social media integration... so you could like get extra turns in the form of items that you could cash in, etc. You got those by clicking on friends maps in the game in different spots, etc. or by giving 'gifts' to individuals or teammates on your friend list that they had to click links on in facebook, etc. to get the gifts... Not sure that mechanism would work here, but something similar could be possible and help advertise this thing in different social media etc. At one point MAA had a full forum where players posted different links they'd gotten to help others build up in the game... I could see forums here and elsewhere in this small community doing something like that if this type of thing keep it more under you control you could make the special gifts to friends only work in game or something?... but that you could hand out links to for folks in your facebook, etc. friend list that haven't tried the game yet... sort of a way to advertise in a roundabout way.
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Re: Teams, Team Goals, etc.

Postby z1m0nz000r » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:38 am

great post!
I concur!
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Re: Teams, Team Goals, etc.

Postby Treb » Sun Apr 29, 2018 12:19 pm

DITTO! Didn't bother quoting here.. nothing to add or correct for once ;> Super ideas!


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