Limited edition pets [continued...]

Talk about the pets inside the game.
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Re: Limited edition pets [continued...]

Postby Treb » Fri Mar 09, 2018 1:10 am

Princess|ComPet wrote:
Comete wrote:Seriously, the rarity of limited pet should be Limited! How can a limited pet be Uncommon.
This is clearly a problem. You pay 500 diamonds and if you don't remember it was a Limited pet you can just throw it away. ...

That's an error on our side, we will fix it asap. Thank you! ...

Just my opinion.. CP adopted a proven framework from nature by dividing many areas of the game into four balanced categories, such as pet class and their respective primary stats. Regarding pet rarity gaining inherited stats/skills/abils.. my impression of any categories beyond the basic four is that they are simply an "enhanced hybrid" form of the originals... basically having a mixture of stats/skills from two or more original categories. This, to me, is an imbalance because it requires "additional" or "premium" net balance than that of the originals.. making it statistically superior and advantaged to any of the basic category pets of same level/rank. I cannot visualize how the two current "pseudo stats", mana regen and stamina, could be directly paired with a pet class or rarity (as say "MOJO" is paired with "ATTUNED") - these pseudos are simply "forms of" and are generally dependant of their primary stat category and would likely be a "disadvantage" if used to distinguish a new pet class providing equal and balanced membership among the original four. It will be interesting to see how additional categories or divisions will interact together once "legendary" and "mythical" are activated in the trinket system, and if pets themselves inherit specific advantages or disadvantages based solely on their rarity.

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