Tournament information: ComPet Winter Championship

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Re: Tournament information: ComPet Winter Championship

Postby Dorin » Mon Jan 02, 2017 8:38 am

The mechanics of winning battle points isn.t strange, u just need to understand it. There is probably a win streak bonus, if u defeat top players and then start win 10-15 u.ll get 10-50 points per battle. I was 900 and in 20 fight i went up to 1690. I was getting up to 40 points per battle. But after 2 battles lost i went down 90 points. U just need to be carefull and win 1-3 battles with top players and play with noobs. Sometimes i refuse fight with top players bcs i have winning streak and i.m afraid to lose it. There are lots of top players who refuse, but is normal, some of them understood the mechanics, some of them are playing for fun.
Also is easy to cheat, probably everyone got a phone and a pc to make 2 accounts, but i.m sure admins will check that.
Playing with a lev4 pet 14h per day and refuse all top players trying to win with noobs is so ******* wrong. Devs should try to change something about that, this is anti-playing !
The most disapointing thing is the devs don.t tell players the mechanics of ranking and how many points u can get. It is frustrating when u get 1 point and see top players with 1600+ and u have 1200 and u think u need 400 wins to get them, nearly quit game bcs of this.
Happy to see NotSure winning this, knowing some1 with a pet lev4 is on 1st place is dissapointing!
Hope to see more players in the arena soon !
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Re: Tournament information: ComPet Winter Championship

Postby Princess|ComPet » Mon Jan 02, 2017 9:53 am

Venture wrote:
Merlin wrote:
Venture wrote:You sit for hours cheating every day by declining anyone who isn't a complete noob. With just a level 4 no others. Not only are you a exploiting, cheating, coward but you are hurting games impression for new players.

Have to agree, when i was still able to play i got matched against the angre panamian probably a few hundred times - never has he accepted the fight.

For someone who gets so mad about people disrespecting his country you think he wouldn't have named himself after it then act like a cheap coward. That's all of think of when I think off Panama now.


Stop this. If I see you keep doing this again, I will have to give you a warning.

I already wrote in the thread to KEEP IT IN TOPIC. Some of you really went overboard this time.

The match making in the arena is not perfect at the moment and we are working on it. But note that we have put up a design system where any players can decline whoever they want. That means that, if someone does not want to play with you, they have the right to say no, it's not against the rules to so.

We will announce the winners this week after checking and going through any cheating. Any cheating = disqualified.

Now that the tournament is over, I will lock this thread.

I eat rainbows.

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