ComPet Patch 1.6.0

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ComPet Patch 1.6.0

Postby Dav|ComPet » Thu Nov 16, 2017 2:28 pm

New features:

- Added images to the cards in the battle history.
- Added new VFX's for trinket effects
- Added strongboxes as a reward for beginner tasks
- Added strongboxes as a reward for finishing a season in appropriate divisions
- Added "Re-roll" functionality to strongboxes. You can Re-roll the drop of the box for appropriate price
- Added separate option to turn off notifications on mobile devices
- Added feature to generate random names for pets and accounts
- While trinket effect triggered, appropriate effect is played on the trinkets icon
- Added "INFO" button at the title of each building with related info
- Returned "Favorite Pet Star" to the pets profile
- Added tips for the buildings. Selecting building on early stages of the game will display appropriate details related to the building


- Improved VFX for upgrading success|fail trinket
- Improved images of strongboxes
- Improved visuals during opening strongboxes
- First 3 tutorial fights player will use prefabricated pet
- The balance of enemy beasts in tutorial fights were reworked
- Changed logic of revealing pets in "Book of ComPet"
- Changed animation of changing ability level in library
- Changed price for unequipping formula:
Now it takes from 10% of your current vault for unequipping common trinket up to 40% for unequipping epic trinket
- Minimized near clipping distance for camera
- UI elements will revealed progress in the game
- The stats of the pets been divided by 10 (Except HP)
- MP reg. bonus granted by trinkets is now visible in pets profile
- Stamina bonus granted by trinkets is now visible in pets profile
- Removed requirement of gold to start raid battles
- Forest received big changes, several chapters and beasts inside of chapters were rearranged and the beasts itself were re-balanced to have a chance vs player with trinkets

Bug fixes:

- Fixed Vampire Bite issue with rotation of VFX
- Fixed issue with wrong HP in replays
- Fixed scroll spikes
- Fixed issue where your pets became invisible
- Fixed issue when you could get into battle during opening of a strongbox
- Fixed graphical bug during opening of boxes on iOS devices
- Fixed issue when block with ranking points didn't show up if you skip cinematic in battle
- Fixed issue when you could stack on opening strongbox scene
- Fixed visual issue when game said that trinket level 10 is level 1
- Fixed issue when "Unlocking Forest | Raid" animation got stuck
- Fixed issue when you could highlight all buildings in village
- Fixed issue when trinket stats label on pet profile screen didn't refresh after trinket update
- Fixed visual glitch if you moved camera over clouds in village
- Fixed issue when the language didn't refresh on the battle type scenes
- Fixed issue with overlapping UI in "Magic Workshop"
- Fixed issue when trinket stats wasn't applied to pets in quests
- Fixed issues with "Daily mission"

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