Questions and Concerns posted elsewhere...

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Questions and Concerns posted elsewhere...

Postby mastermesh » Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:33 am

Simply posting here for quick reference, but also as a means to inform the devs or others that such questions/concerns, etc. are taking place on other forums... (even if individual in question may have been banned here... many forum mods never realize that banning folks just causes dissent and disgust that typically results in boil over happening elsewhere in flamewar lands of the intra-webs...) something devs may want to look in to or be aware of at least since much discussion is not taking place here in the forums for compets as they should be as there appears to be NO developer posts or comments here lately for a very long time... (for some reason(s)?) ... ome.19752/ ... ark.21829/ ... ost-132131

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