ComPet Update Changelog 2016.6

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ComPet Update Changelog 2016.6

Postby Kim|ComPet » Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:52 pm

Compet Update 2016.6


- The Book of ComPet has been added. This is a compendium where you can view the pets you own, have seen and are yet to encounter. You can access the book by selecting the stable building and clicking on the book icon.

- You will now be able to earn rewards for recruiting friends to ComPet, these rewards are handed out through special achievements that can be viewed in the friends screen.

- Players will now receive and an automatic e-mail greeting when they link their ComPet account to their e-mail address.

- It is now possible to enable/disable push notifications on mobile devices in the in-game settings menu.

- The leaderboard now shows the rankings of both Facebook and in-game friends.

- Several new pets have been added to the game.
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