ComPet Update Changelog 2016.7

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ComPet Update Changelog 2016.7

Postby Kim|ComPet » Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:21 pm

Compet Update 2016.7


This is a summary of the major changes implemented in patch 2016.7, a lot of other minor fixes and improvements have been added as well.

- When you search for a target to raid you will now only be shown players that own a pet of the same or slightly higher level as the pet you are trying to raid with.

- Nature seasons have been implemented which means that the art style of the game environment will change over the course of the year.

- It is now possible to use guard pets in battles without first having to remove them from guard duty.

- We have re-balanced the cost and time requirements of many upgrades and research processes.

- Weather effects have been partially implemented, your village may now experience rain!

- Inactive players will now be automatically disconnected from the game after 10 minutes.

- Several new pets have been added to the game, including a few limited ones available from the shop.

- We have added a large amount of new visual and sound effects.
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