ComPet Patch 1.03

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ComPet Patch 1.03

Postby Kim|ComPet » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:03 am

ComPet Patch 1.03

New Stuff

- We have added a new winter theme to the game environment.
- Another chapter to the forest has been implemented filled with terrible beasts for you to fight!
- Added an animated effect for the "Book of ComPet" when you face a new pet in battle.
- Seven new pets have been added to the game, many with Christmas themes!
- Added notifications for various friend related events such as logging on and off.
- Added new visual effects for the following abilities: Cure, Venomous bite, Concussive slam, Quick Recovery, Brutal strike.
- Added functionality for recovering reward pets if you disconnect on the battle reward screen without being able to choose to keep or release the pet.


- Arena subscription is now restored after doing a raid battle.
- Improved transitions between animations for several pets.
- Improved the animation of the pet experience bar.
- Removed the level up button for max-level pets.
- Improved a lot of sound effects.
- Improved the arena matchmaking logic.
- Gold is now collected from gold mines when they are selected.


- Fixed an issue with the forest UI frame covering other parts of the UI.
- Fixed issue with Bert in Chapter 11 playing the wrong animation during battle.
- Fixed issue with Deadly Daphne's Sleeper parasite ability.
- Fixed various issues with friend referral achievements.
- Fixed an issue with the visual effects of the Panic ability.
- You will now see the damage made when defeating an enemy with a critical attack.
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