ComPet Patch 1.3.0 Changelog

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ComPet Patch 1.3.0 Changelog

Postby Zulu|ComPet » Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:51 am

New Stuff
- We have implemented a second real-money currency known as PEC, these act as fractions of PED:s at a 100:1 ratio. This will allow us to have real-money arena fights over lower values than otherwise possible.
- We have added a new environment theme with an easter look.
- Implemented states for entries in the friend system.
- Buildings in the village can now be rotated.
- Added an indicator to the settings menu that indicates when a support ticket has been updated.
- We have added a new visual effect to the pet profile that shows which rarity the pet is.
- Several new attack animations have been added for various pets.
- Added a new notification that is displayed when your friend receives a pet.

- The guard pets has been gathered in the new guard tower building. As the tower is upgraded, up to five pets can be added to the defence of the gold when being raided. The first guard pet will also be the pet doing the raid defence battle. From the moment that a village will be possible to raid, it will always have one guard pet doing the raid defence battle, meaning that a village will never be unprotected anymore. All the five guard pets add gold protection percentage all the way up to level 30. The guard pet UI can be reached both through the main HUD as well as through the new tower building.
- We have changed the arena ranking system so that it is no longer affected by auto-battles, this change is indented to make the skill level of each individual player more important in determining his or her rank.
- The friends system UI has been improved.
- Changed how Facebook friends are integrated into the friends system.
- It no longer costs beast fight attempts to fight beasts in the special AR chapter.
- The app icon has been changed.
- The loading screen has been re-designed and now include game hints.
- The shield Icon will now be presented for players during tutorial.
- Improved VFX of several abilities (claw, quick attack, battle cry, ignite, regeneration, vampire bite, backstab, panic, meditate, mind blast, hibernate, overpower, deadly poison, amnesia).

- Fixed an issue that caused the PC client to lag after hitting alt + tab.
- Fixed various localization issues.
- Fixed issue with the turn-timer in forest battles.
- Fixed the Lick wounds + Regeneration synergy bug.
- Fixed sound effects for Dimorphodon.
- Fixed a bug that caused the sleeper parasite effect to remain on the “defeat” scene.
- Fixed a bug allowing you to subscribe a pet to the arena while it was completing a quest (and vice versa).
- Fixed a bug where you could exceed your gold storage capacity.

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