Ricks Trinket & Update Quick Review

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Ricks Trinket & Update Quick Review

Postby RickEngland » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:18 pm

Wow...it's been a few days since the trinkets, and it would appear to be quite a success. Many more players in the Arena, with pets at "all" levels.

I must admit when diamonds were removed from raids after the trinket update, and switched into Arena mission rewards, I was a quite concerned about activity. Yet players are chasing the trinkets big time, the game has got a new lease of life. Yay!!!

We had 48 hours to rebalance our pets for just 1 diamond. I don't know how much time is left, although it took me quite a few practice fights to get a feel for the new setups I wanted on my higher level pets. I hope MA can keep the cost of that to a reasonable level in future. Personally I won't even attempt a pet reset if it's 400 diamonds or so. but for say 20 or so, I can live with it at high levels. The pets now are much more balanced now, if you can put the old style of setup behind you. I was worried about Stamina levels on balanced pets after the change, although after a few fights it feels ok.

I bought a few EPIC rings from the shop at 200 each, then used the rest of my diamonds to "power" them up. Every box comes with a ring, or neckless or other type of trinket. You don't need to unequip them from pets to power them up either which costs gold coins.

Once opening the strongbox You get to open 5 cards, behind them is a trinket, different shards, potentially diamonds, maybe other bits and bobs I forgot in all the excitement opening them.

The trinket you loot can be from level 1 to level 10, however you can power them up with diamonds (with a % chance of success). It's quite reasonable the success rate, although my max trinket is level 7, to get them higher is a little more risky. The shards are used to make more trinkets of different rarities once you have enough of them (10 shards of one rarity type to craft a new trinket). We can currently hold a max of 200 trinkets.

I'm quite surprised when a new trinket pops up I've not seen before. Maybe we need to create a list of them in the Forum.

I've done 2 rare Arena missions now which rewarded "free" strongboxes, and found enough shards in them to craft a couple of new trinkets, I even found a level 7 Epic ring (very happy with that). So it is still possible to gain trinkets for free, if you put the effort into the Arena. I really recommend trying it, for those that think it's not possible without funds. I've also won battles with no trinkets on some pets, so everyone has a chance.

The more trinkets you get, the stronger your pet collection becomes. Then you feel more comfortable putting multiple pets in the Arena search for battles.

I'm just so pleased I went to the Arena and got fights pretty quick with my high level pets, and other players pets had their trinkets on as well.

I'm enjoying it and experimenting a lot in there. The more I play with the trinkets, power them up and try the new things in-game, the more confident and happy it makes me feel about the changes.

If you lose a few fights, hang in there; the system will match you with a potential win. I'm not worried about division points, I just go for it, to get the missions done, and "get more boxes!!!!!!!

Good luck out there.

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Re: Ricks Trinket & Update Quick Review

Postby ZeroHero » Sat Sep 09, 2017 11:24 am

RickEngland wrote:Once opening the strongbox You get to open 5 cards, behind them is a trinket, different shards, potentially diamonds, maybe other bits and bobs I forgot in all the excitement opening them.

Opened a few myself also. Just that I got 4-6 cards to open on each box. It wasn´t allways 5 for me.

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